Derby entry comments for Derby #342: Historical Figures As Animals

I’m guessing he won’t roll over…

Looks great-

haha hilarious. It works perfectly if you imagine penguins waddling to the music! :slight_smile:

So simple and effective! +1

Really nice man- ConWHOOOOOcius would approve- +1


His Holiness :slight_smile:

What Schrödinger’s theory might look like if he were a cat, with a man in the box instead…


Thanks, I submitted this guy ages ago, but this derby was just too perfect for him

Yeah- this is printing… :slight_smile:

nice idea

Things got a little weird in this derby entry. But here you go.

Super cute! Love the illustration!

Beautiful design!

Thanks! :smiley:

love it so bad

Always looking good!

Hahah, I’d buy this!

Just saw your other works, you have a neat style!