Derby entry comments for Derby #348: Time Travel Redux

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Hopefully he won’t sleep through it.

I made this for the Doctor Who derby. :wink:

The first joke I ever learned.

Presented with my apologies,

  • Spiritgreen :-p


I get lost in this timeloop all the time… :smiley: Hope you dig it-

McCOY: Are you really gonna try time travel in this rust bucket?
KIRK: We’ve done it before.
McCOY: Sure, slingshot around the sun: pick up enough speed you’re in time warp. If ya don’t, ya fry.
KIRK: Would you prefer to do nothing?
McCOY: I prefer a dose a’ common sense. You’re proposing that we go backwards in time, find humpback whales, then bring them forward in time, drop ‘em off, and hope to hell they tell this Probe what to go do with itself!
KIRK: That’s the general idea.

With all this time travel, you have to have some laws. You don’t want to see a time travel traffic jam.

Can you name all the references?

No fancy car nor booth needed :wink:

Some rework and some extra time machines! The flux capacitor, the police box, the hot tub, the electrical sphere, the necklace, the phone booth, the classic, the portal, the musical instrument, the way back, the gate and the map!

If you don’t call them, they will call you!

Love it!

I have a new design that will probably finish tonight.

In the meantime, here is a reworked design I really like!

TimeTravel ~ FOILED !

The brave hero was desperately trying to go back in time and stop me from making this design, alas! ~ my pet monster ate his ship!

mUHAHAHa ! ;]

Nostalgia, yeah, sure, the past seems cool…

Star Trek IV
Butterfly Effect
Hot Tub Time Machine
Back to the Future
Dr. Who

Really nice, by the way!

So clever! I need :smiley:


I’m about 90% certain this may be rejected, but I am a slave to puns.

Perfectly simple-