Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

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What’s Spring without Rain and Flowers. Best time of the year! Two of my favorite things…water and flowers…combined in a fun contemporary design. Thank you for your vote.

Every part of the world experiences the seasons (to varying degrees of course) and I wondered whether our arctic brethren also awaited the end of the winter months… Would they don sunglasses, bermuda shorts, and flip-flops; stop to smell the roses, and enjoy spring just as we do? Probably not, but who cares?

Anyway, I used to do these little penguin doodles in high school when teachers droned on for longer than I could handle and I thought they perfectly depict the juxtaposition of spring in the arctic…

This is a Green Man, the quintessential symbol of spring.

Start Spring off with a BOOM!

For anyone who has ever had hayfever.

Yeah. It’s a tree. Made entirely out of periodic tables. Couldn’t resist.

Tulips, Grape Hyancinth and other flowers of the season make up this bright border bouquet. The return of the songbirds also help usher in the wonderful spring season.

Inspired by white flowers in the spring moon light.

Here’s a high-res version:

The Wazoozians (who oddly enough look like Puffaluffs) believe that “The Green Meep” is the reason the season changes from Winter to Spring.

An excerpt from their writings:
All hail “The Green Meep, herald of Spring!
Who doth float from the highest mountaintops
And Belches forth the flowers of Spring
He who stands in the path of his Blossom breath
Good fortune go with Spew”

I’d love to see other people continue the story. The crazier it gets the BETTER! :smiley:

Every spring I start seeing daisies again, and I think of Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail saying that daisies are the “friendliest flower”. One of those daisies can’t be all happy Mr. Sunshine and such about having to wake up. I know I wouldn’t be.

Here and there and everywhere, you’ll see happy puckers bouncing off the green cliffs enjoying the bounciness of the springs, while enjoying the Spring scenery of new daisies!

Wow! There’s a lot of entries already…and it’s only been four minutes.

Usher in Spring and welcome back the beautiful flowers and birds of the season. This is a modified colored version of my lineart entry. The lineart entry was very detail. I deleted some of the drawing and focused more on the spring flowers and the hummingbird. Hope you like it. Brightly contrasted across a black tshirt. I also opted for a centered placement rather than a shoulder placement given the larger design.

A fun, repetive print to be done as large as possible.

Spring shming, where’s my coffee?

Up for voting!

Take A look and vote please!

Demeter, goddess of crops and of the harvest, had a daughter named Persephone who was cruelly abducted by Hades, god of the underworld. Demeter fell into a great sadness wherein all the plants began to die, the ground became hard, and the air became cruel and cold. Without crops to sustain them, all humanity began to suffer and die. Zeus, god of thunderbolts and king of the gods, heard the anguish of humanity and sent his messenger to order Hades to release Persephone to her grateful mother’s arms. But because Persephone had eaten several pomegranate seeds while trapped in Hades’ dark realm, she was forced to return to his side one season out of every year.

So it came to be that every year, in winter, Persephone returns to the underworld and Demeter grieves and the plants of the world wither and die in the cold. But at the start of every spring Demeter sends her great chariot, pulled by mighty winged serpents (called drakones) to retrieve her daughter from the land beyond the River Styx, and again there is greenery and life in the world.

So it was that Persephone became the goddess of spring, of new life and renewed hope. And every year we celebrate her return when Demeter’s drakones fetch the young goddess of vibrancy and she soars through the sky bringing warmth and life to all.

Dont be Cheep! Vote for little balls of fluff!

This bluejay sings with happiness that spring has arrived.