Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

Hi wooter(er)s.

Since ‘collaboration’ fever seems to have hit town, we decided to jump on the bandwagon (Fable likes bands, and Derek likes wagons). In other words, this design was executed, by not one, but two of your beloved fellow derbiests:
Fablefire, and Derekfilley

Spring is when the sun comes out from wherever he goes during the winter and it’s also when the animals come out from wherever they go during the winter. Sometimes the sun comes out a little too strong and bad things happen.

Gosh we hope you like it.

I did the swirlies by hand–I’m still not good enough with the vectors to do even swirls like that–but the dots are actually a brush. It’s included in my basic brush set (not a download)–I’ll grab a screenshot for you. I used it on the bluebird entry, too.

Can that wind blow in my direction?

This shirt rocks and I am the first to vote on it…OH YEAH!

Mike Honcho grows balls?

This is what the tattle button is for.

I like that reaction! He took the longest of my three.

I say “it’s alright”

I really like this…

Great placement and color choice.

FRICKINAWESOME! Animals on fire, I love it!


(Virgin? What’s that??)

A little weed running from impending doom.

ask and ye shall recieve

Thank you all for the comments so far. I agree with them all. I would have liked to have spent more time on this but I wanted to get it in early.

It’s down at the bottom of the basic brushes selection in PS7 and the default size is 63. The size I used as my example is 9. It’s pressure sensitive–dots when pressed hard, dashes when light.

The reflection in the water is great.

i love the deers expression best! 5 stars!

Bummer! I had voted this into the fog before - and now it’s a resub without exclamation point eyes? Why the redesign on the eyes??

I really want this one.

because woot has incredibly strict text guidelines