Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

I love the crocus. I planted a bunch when we lived in Colorado and it was so great to see them. Always marked the first color of Spring for us. Poor lil’ crocus …so tiny and gets no respect. Love the purple ones the best!

Spring is not bright and happy for everyone.
…creating this is not a reflection on me, I love Spring! :slight_smile:

Phew, thank god it’s back!! I was nervous for a minute :slight_smile: I imagine you’ll get all of your votes back.

zomg i love it

Thanks, jimi! And congrats to you with the bird/cat/worm! This ain’t gonna win, but I’m happy with it.

My little girl really love this one.

love this. snarky enough to fit my sense of humor, but something I can wear around the kids.

I really wanted to buy Bunny Foo Foo, after over 10 yrs of singing the freaking song constantly, but the design was a bit too dark for wearing around my kids. :frowning:

this is great, it looks exactly like my bf’s stepdad :slight_smile: well minus all the fur but he does grow a pretty mean beard in the winter

i should do a better one.

oh snap. i just saw yours! :slight_smile:

very cool man! man of many talents!

Revoted! I’m glad you did it now so you have a better chance of regaining momentum.

I only used 6 colors. The dark colors are black… I even double checked the file before I sent it.

Really like this shirt. Great colors! Very good job.


Re: [100x100[/img]](

so does that mean its creme?

Wow… and here I am thinking that I’d be the only one doing a Persephone shirt. Just goes to show you that you never can tell what the Derby will bring…

so is the summer shirt gonna be called round virgin?

how did you talk KLS into designing this for you?

I wouldn’t want one for myself, but I could totally see my fisherman uncle in this shirt.

How many shirts like this does Woot need?