Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

Edgar… Love it!!!

Hey, Kid. Welcome to the unofficial Greek myth appreciation club. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it.

Awesome character, I love how small his legs are- it’s like they’ve atrophied while he was hibernating, lol.

Nice line art!

Om nom nom nom nom butterflies!

I never post on Woot. I just buy… but i really hope this makes the shirts! I would definately buy one!

So far, I think this is the most original idea in the derby this week :slight_smile:

Actually, I think this is a test case… to see if Woot rejects this or not. Am I right?

AWESOME!! ID BUY 3! The Penguin isnt flying, it qualifies!

A female bear with pink, fuzzy, “human” slippers? Oh, I LOVE that idea. ROFL
If this one wins the derby, I definitely have to get one. Totally fits the personality of a friend at work.

Why would woot reject this? I searched all over for “flower diamond” and saw nothing similar.

It’s a serious entry in that I am proud of its execution and want it to do well. Any other intentions will be for you the viewer to ascertain.

I think if you like girls, you can still wear this shirt…

Girl, “Wow, that is such a cute shirt!”

Jimi, “Thanks, well… I think YOU ARE CUTE. Wanna make out?”

Girl, “Would love too!”

I may be wrong. The girl may actually respond,

Girl, “I would love too, but will you keep the shirt on?”



i’m the same designer…so it’s ok.

and there will not be a summer version.
or any other version for that matter, i really thought i added a lot and took a better approach to make this version stand on it’s own.

I honestly like it much better than ‘all is calm’.

The doll reminds me of that Korn album a few years back.

I think you’re much better safe than sorry. Coming back after a rejection is very hard, especially if it takes a while to be rejected.

Hey, Blue! You’re a New York resident? I’d recognize the Central Park boat pond anywhere. :slight_smile:

From what I can see of this, it looks like an awesome drawing. I hope you’ll keep submitting, but next time make it easier for voters to see the great images you’ve created. Maybe you could post a large image in the comments?

did you know it’s snowmicide awareness week? spread the word :slight_smile:

I know. Wouldn’t that be cute. But, the inspiration for it came entirely from seeing TG’s entry. So, I wouldn’t draw it without TGs consent.

If I can get permission from TG, I’d love to do that in my whimsical style. But, only if he gives me permission…and I won’t put it on woot. (Please what do you think TG?) Maybe a collaboration?