Derby entry comments for Derby #35: Spring

I really like this…

Great placement and color choice.

FRICKINAWESOME! Animals on fire, I love it!


(Virgin? What’s that??)

A little weed running from impending doom.

ask and ye shall recieve

Thank you all for the comments so far. I agree with them all. I would have liked to have spent more time on this but I wanted to get it in early.

It’s down at the bottom of the basic brushes selection in PS7 and the default size is 63. The size I used as my example is 9. It’s pressure sensitive–dots when pressed hard, dashes when light.

The reflection in the water is great.

i love the deers expression best! 5 stars!

Bummer! I had voted this into the fog before - and now it’s a resub without exclamation point eyes? Why the redesign on the eyes??

I really want this one.

because woot has incredibly strict text guidelines

Makes me think of a sternotomy.

Woot really cracks down on text. ANY text, including punctiation marks and (apparantly) the infinity symbol.

The flowers are Orange and Pink, with a Blue bird…I picked these colors because they flow best with Cream. I think it is spring enough, or my interpretation of spring, my favorite flowers are Orange and Pink!


Yeah, I had about 5 people warn me I should resubmit this sucker without the exclamation points for eyes because it would be rejected. SO I resubmitted hoping that an early resub wouldn’t cost ol’ Springatron as many votes if I did it early enough. I like the new reflections as much or more, anyways…



Don’t worry… last week’s Maple Leaf wasn’t submitted until… Saturday, I think? Later than everyone else, anyway, and it still made it to number one. This has enough kick to it (not to mention a very Woot sensibility) to make it back up the charts.

oooh, a series!