Derby entry comments for Derby #351: Inspired by Children's Books

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A return. Quack.

Collab with Ignorant.

Inspired by the famous Full Metal Jacket poster.

So distinguished.

Inspired by the poetry of Shel Silverstein. This is a collaboration with me (Fresh Mutton) and Autsey.

Before I am lynched I’d like to point out that this shirt isn’t intended to be anything spoilery, and is just a joke on GRRM’s murderous tendencies.

Parody of this book of the same title >.> <.< which hopefully won’t cause any problems but I have a few ideas if it does !

Been awhile since I’ve derbied. But fun to be back. Hello again wooters!

Peter Rabbit with added Monty Python! Maybe Peter’s ancestor?

Inspired by Peek-a-Who

One day I was thinking about what it would have been like if there had been a Golden Book based on Jaws- and this is what happened!

A collaboration with AllnSmithee

No intention to promote that “mutant thing” produced by Michael Bay XD

Don’t know why I’m on such a star wars kick.

Ha! I love the fact that it goes so well with Carle’s style

Oh man, I should have named this “Are You My Mother (of Dragons)?” Well… pretend I did…



He’s a VERY hungry caterpillar. O_O

Bitcoins have to come from somewhere right?

:stuck_out_tongue: great!