Derby entry comments for Derby #354: Double Take Derby 24

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“That’s Some Shirt”

From the “Inspired by Children’s books” derby

I didn’t even realize this got an Honorable Mention! Happy to see it:D

“Not a Night Owl”

From the Grumpy Derby.

If this prints I promise to stop doing owl puns.

(I am lying, I will only draw more owl puns)

Very nice!

Fantastic drawing!

Collab with Ignorant. :slight_smile:

awesome shirt! +1

Looks awesome! I want one.

Taco - a good win!

The adventure is ongoing here. Love it.

“Under the Weather”

From the Grumpy derby!

this deserves a win. +1

I just realized that every shirt I click on that I like is by littleclyde. excellent work! +1


Always loved this one.

Glad this is back. I really loved it the first time round!

Got my vote, again!

Would really like to see this one printed.