Derby entry comments for Derby #356: Inspired by Sci-Fi Art Masters

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Inspired by the amazing creatures of Wayne Barlowe.

Here’s a little treat for you guys, a simple animation with some pictures I took during the process.

For my grandmother Mira K. and my daughter Hannah who loves space. Inspired by Android Jones and Stanislaw Lem.

definitely not a theme in my style, so just tried to have fun this week.

warm hug. win-win.

Obviously (I hope) this one was inspired by Giger, with the thought being “What would have JAWS been like if Giger had been the Art Director?”

oh… and inspired by H. R. Giger’s first character for Alien.

Inspired by Android Jones :slight_smile:

Alien is in my all time favorite movies and I have always had a huge respect for Giger’s chilling work- I hope you like my homage to him- :smiley:

Inspired by Ralph McQuarrie

Hello! It might not be obvious, but Giger was my biggest influence in art not too long ago. There are some weird things in my old portfolios. I plan to make another Giger-inspired one that’s less cartoony later today :slight_smile:

Aren’t we all?

This reminds me a little of Medina from twilight princess.

Bwaaaah! So awesome!

oops. no text.

Really well done.

THIS is amazing- I really want it.

Creepy! I like it.

Good work Robert!

Inspired by Chelsey Bonestell, with a nod to his work on the movie “Cat-Women of the Moon”, which I’ve actually seen. I’ve replaced women with cats here though. It is Woot, after all.


Wow man- You and you regal animals. Great!