Derby entry comments for Derby #36: Text As Art

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Cute and whimsical big-eyed owl. The owl is made up of letters in the words Hoot and Owl. The “H” is on the left wing (screen left). The eyes make up the two “O’s” in hoot and the crown is the “T”. The belly makes up the “O” in Owl, the beak makes the “L” and the right wing makes the “W”. The claws are made with the words OWL placed upside down.

An old programmers’ joke illustrated in 3d text. Hope you like it!

This shirt tells the world you’re “Hot Stuff” because, after all, nothing says, “burn-your-mouth hot” like a Spicy Hot Tamale!

The pepper is text, the highlights are text and the shadows are text (well, sub-text)…


O hai! I mad u a cat shirt, an I posteded it.

Dress Forms shaped into major fashion capitals: Madrid, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The legs of each of the dress forms are supposed to look like wrought iron and are shaped into additional names : London, Milan and Tokyo. Colorful shapes are used to give the look of fabric wrapped around the dress forms using the various letters and colors.

Hey its Abe! I originally wanted to make this with the text from the Gettysburg address, but realized I didn’t want to spend two years on this design. So I made him out of zeros.

Just for the record: no actual logos were used in the design.

Most of the letters aren’t meant to be read without effort, but here’s what’s surrounding him in the brown and light grey: “Happy comfy dreams all day”

Love the desing - not sure about the placement.


Eeny Meeny Miney Moe

Knotwork goes over and under and over again.

Look out, its a numeric-text squid! But when did squid start to glow blue? To be honest, I don’t really know, perhaps you should try asking the SQU!D…

Please feel free to say anything about my design.

I realize that soothed is also submitting a design with a chicken so I will try to head off that debate right now by asking you to ask yourself if it would make since for a chicken to be the intellectual property of one individual. His design is very good and I implore you to check it out, but it is not the same as mine.

Other than that, I welcome any and all comments/criticisms/praises. Thank you for looking!!

The birds both spell 'Bird". And a variety of text "Nest"s make up the bird nest.

Ambigrams rule -
I like how you did the ASCI thing but wrote out one and zero instead of actually just writing 1 and 0

Cool design -

HEY The zero and ones are all ambigrams too - AWESOME!

It works. Only text. The legs and antennae are commas (or apostrophes). It falls within parody, like Close Encounters of the 2D Kind did.


How did you know that Mike Honcho’s body was a wonderland. Mike Honcho is impressed with your knowledge of Mike Honcho.