Derby entry comments for Derby #360: Americana

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And so can you!

I think this sums it up pretty well. :slight_smile:

This one broke my brain. Getting all that text in an irregular shape is hard!
Here’s a close up for you:

Sew Shop. 1 color on cranberry red.

Celebrating the Fourth with Fireworks… what could be a more traditional example of Americana?

And I’m so grateful for last week’s theme hint…without a whole week, I’d never have been able to do a design like this.

This is on navy. Thanks for looking!

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions on this one, it really helped the hidden word pop more.

Freedom. 1 color on navy blue.

Made. 1 color on American red.

Wow. That is awesome.

One color on black.

Hello! I made a doggy :3 Thanks for taking a look!

You’re knocking it out of the park this week, skiro.

Great subtle details

Yeah, I definitely think the blue looks 100X better than the olive.

i’m posting a larger detail because the halftone caused a moire effect on the comp img.

I hope everyone likes this. I think this is my first submission in three years.

humorous spin… ha

If they can’t tolerate the government, they’ll found it.

thanks TJ. I’m a patriotic guy :slight_smile: (and enjoyed the extra time)