Derby entry comments for Derby #363: $10K Cup, Round I: Text

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You + Caffeine = Stuff gets done.

  • Spiritgreen

Swim the World.

This again?

You know it’s true.

Viva la 'Tons! :slight_smile:

Inspired by vintage tabloid media. Quote by Mark Twain.

Your daily recommended personality.

  • Spiritgreen

My hero every morning.

Rubber Putter.

I really don’t like wearing text shirts. At all.

Courage, Wisdom, Power, Hey, Listen. :B

Hi! :slight_smile:

One of my fav Alice Quotes…
Hope you dig it!


Having Yoda as a zombie apocalypse partner is a bad idea. He’ll surely get you in trouble with his backward talking!!!

I’m pretty sure he wrote this…

Tacos B4 Vatos homes!

Math & Science. You can’t have one without the other.

I wanted to do a tribute shirt to the Night’s Watch on GOT.

My beer:30 motto !