Derby entry comments for Derby #364: $10k Cup, Round 2: Style

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Watercolor on slate.

A watercolor water dragon.

Because nobody has ever seen a dragon before.


Four colors on silver.

The Rhone is Burning.

Decided to rework my entry from the previous Van Gogh derby which I really like but had rushed to get done.

She had it coming.
This is a revamp of an entry I did a few years ago.

my tribute to childhood drawing books :slight_smile:

Like I said on the pre-derby, this is awesome man.

“Portrait of the Modern Artist” or, “I’ll Cut Off My Ear for A Thousand Likes”

Van Gogh: master of the selfie. :slight_smile:

How to train your Van Gogh dragon.

Water birds?

Fact: There are 64,314 hand drawn lines in this design. Don’t believe me? Count them…

If this one makes it, I’ll do some kind of contest with the original hand made design :slight_smile:


Coffee- for long nights and early morns… and well… COFFEE-

:slight_smile: Hope you like it!

Life is for the birds…

Totem Trickster.
1 color hatch on baby blue.

You are back! :slight_smile:

My favorite book (and an awesome film) ‘The Neverending Story’ with a Van Gogh style. Hope you like it!!

I need this as a sticker!

Vincent’s van goths pretty fast :wink:

Watercolor design inspired by Native American culture of animal spirits that represent the elements. Fox = fire, bear = earth, eagle = wind, and otter = water.

Click for the big picture

6 colors on slate

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