Derby entry comments for Derby #372: Rainbows and Spectrums

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Take a look. It’s in a pan. A bacon rainbow. (Disclaimer: That doesn’t rhyme.)


What if it did!?

Thought I’d rework this one since it’s all about my favorite rainbow song.

Painting by numbers is for wimps, painting by wavelengths, now that’s a skill.

Really cool

Awesome! Go go go.


Whoa! Beautiful, Oaken!!


Hope you like my goofy dino!

Thanks for the advice in the prederby- I ended up dropping the text entirely when I saw I didn’t like it on the shirt- heh

Hahaha love it!

Absolutely stunning, and thus far my favorite in this derby <3


Nothing like starting my 3rd cup of coffee because I was up all night drawing coffee!

That’s so sweet my teeth hurt XD

Awesome! Really cool work!!

Paint your own rainbow, even if people are gonna be lookin’ at you funny and wondering if you possibly keep heads in your fridge. :]

This turned out great! Love the coloring.