Derby entry comments for Derby #373: Heavy Metal

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For you Spinal Tap fans.

We’re getting the band back together.


I’m pretty sure Nigel Tufnel would be proud to wear a merger of his electric guitar and his classic skeleton shirt. This one goes to 11.

This was a collab with Lyonscc, who helped with the shading and lightning effects.


Some metals just weren’t made to float…

This is a collab with Thumperchick, who asked for some help in the pre-derby thread.

:smiley: Nothing is more metal than a shapeshifting bear melting faces off!

Hope you dig it- And Beorn is a name that exist before Tolkien so PLEASE DON’T SQUELCH IT! :wink:

Super clean, and funny!

Ridiculously Awesome! LOVE this design!

I guess I should specify that this one is metallic gold.

A new New York original! The loudest Rock & Roll band in the world…“ROBOT HEAD”!

More knotty art for you! Hope you dig it-

Whoa, this is heavy (II).

Venetian Ceruse… White Lead… Poison… let’s Rock!!!
Thanks for looking

Finished product looks great!

Whoa, this is heavy.

I’d recognize that awesome color blending anywhere…