Derby entry comments for Derby #375: 10k Cup, Round I: Halloween

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A collab with Lyonscc, who knows alot more about Doctor Who than I do.

Collab with 6am Crisis–thanks!


Here’s the bigger version. Click if you dare!

I was never a candy guy, so for me Halloween means scary movies. This is my homage to one of the best.

“Death Delivery Service”

Delivering Death right to your door! A colab with Cookingpeach. Just a little spooky Halloween parody of Kiki’s Delivery Service

This is what happens if you eat too much candy guys!

This is how I truly feel about candy corn…


What could make a zombie apocalypse more fun? Making it pumpkin flavored!

6 colors on black

Inspired by Klimt, and Bram Stoker! Hope you dig it. I’m pretty proud of this one.

Sorry. This was planned on orange but shifted mid-creation. I hope the orange shirts stick around for a few weeks. :slight_smile:

I had a lot of fun making this one - it’s a different style than I’m used to. Thank you for looking!

This time I have decapitated the classic rodeo/cowboy silhouette. I’m guessing Ichabod Crane would not be a fan of this shirt.

“Silence in the Shadows”?

I see what you did there…

wow, amazing!

Why choose a trick or a treat when you can have both?

Super funny!

So great! Concept and drawing. Way to go, Guys.

I like this concept and message a lot, I’m not sold on the design. The cat looks like my boy Cat Sith, which is fun, but I don’t know, I think something a little cleaner would be nicer. Still, I do think it’s fun, nice job!