Derby entry comments for Derby #375: 10k Cup, Round I: Halloween

Glorious- :smiley:

I thought this would be a fun aesthetic to play with, urban skyline with a blue/yellow/red sunset.

Happy Hallowoot everyone!

  • Spiritgreen

Fun design! :smiley:

Thanks for looking!

Super clever, and dig the scratchy look!

Wow! Simple and clever!

It’s really cute, but you might have a problem with the M and the S due to trademark issues.

Resubbed to fix a typo in the name.

“Death’s Delivery Service”

Delivering death right to your door! A colab with Cookingpeach. Just a little spooky Halloween parody of Kiki’s Delivery Service

Just give the ghost what he wants.

Awesome work! This came together nicely.

Really love this- I’m a sucker for random creepy monsters!

They do exist!

Love the subtlety of this. Really clean!



Chocolate was harmed in the making of this shirt.

Everybody wants to know about dem magnets. lolll.

I hope not! I tried to research it and I figured the letters themselves were different enough that it just eluded to the candy rather than being the candy. But we’ll see what the rejectionator has in store for me, haha.

appreciate the kind word, as always