Derby entry comments for Derby #381: Aprons

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This is a real recipe of my own that I make regularly for my kids yet somehow manage to forget. It’d be cool to get this printed so I can always have it available. The upside-down reprint of the recipe on the bottom will make that extra convenient.

Ask me any questions you like about the recipe if you’d like to try making them! They’re really tasty.

“Elegant Chef”

Cooking with an elegant pasta look.

If I have to wear pants, they better be eating pants.

Yes, I said it @#$% VEGETABLES!!!

I’m a terrible cook so this pretty much sums up your experience in my kitchen. This is on a navy apron. The color swatch on the template makes it look black but it’s totally not.

Two of my family got this reference and the other did not. So here is hoping…

hahaha, this is funny!

For the days you’re cooking after reading all those cooking blogs… you know the ones, that inspire you to try things that ultimately do not look as good as the picture, but you’ll get a sense of being a rustic, earthy chef for a little while:)

Take charge of your kitchen by setting the rules before you start! Hope you dig it. :smiley:

This is on navy, I promise.

Yay for cooking and nostalgia!

I’ll be over here peeling potatoes, watching the votes roll in…

I reworked an old concept from a couple years ago.

Hope y’all like it!

Hey, everyone HAS a microwave, right? It’s about time they were appreciated.

Don’t disturb! Gotta finish the snacks, the game is almost on!

Referencing one of a classic twilight zone episodes…

“Let’s Cook” so makes me think of Breaking Bad, and I sooo wanted to reference that show. Didn’t know if it was too outdated. THIS is cute!

I bought a meat thermometer yesterday, and proceeded to take the temperature of everything in my kitchen. I’m definitely “too hot to handle”.

Our minds, must be melding this week. My two designs are each similar in their own way to yours…