Derby entry comments for Derby #385: Pullover Hoodies

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A hot cup of something just makes things cozier.
Plus a pullover hoodie;)


Wear this little red hoodie on your way to visit grandma.

Do you want to build a snowman? This little penguin chick can help!

The context changes based on the wearer!


Ha ha! That’s perfect!

This is great!!!

I love to “help” Santa :wink:

Thanks ApeLad!

Super cute and wearable!

For all you Dumb & Dumber fans out there!


A little “WW” never hurt…

This is gorgeous!

A bud of mine suggested a string-art elephant a while back, and this seemed like a great opportunity to try it. Hope you like my stringy elephant!

That’s really clever. The Disney font worked perfectly!

Funny! You should have called it “community service”.

This looks great! GMV