Derby entry comments for Derby #386: Exercise and Healthy Living

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It’s easier to exercise when you’re doing something you like!


Brains are high in cholesterol. We need to use that to our advantage.

Hey man, that chocolate’s not going to eat itself…

Gluten bad!

I think this may be what I look like some mornings when I do yoga. :slight_smile:

I mean, we’re all going to die.

Ha! I wish it were that easy.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Great minds I guess!

Love this. +1

Still the winner, even if there was a short cut involved :wink:

You do this too, right?

I could think of some other words too, but this is a family show.

That’s awesome. They may be lazy, but they’re still adorable.

Ha! Sure thing :slight_smile:

I was brainstorming (and fizzling), and walked through the kitchen during a football game yesterday, and my daughter had just made brownies. I asked if I could eat one, and she said “well, it’t not going to eat itself.”

Guess what game my kids played alllll weekend?

Because button mashing is all the cardio I ever get.

That is just great. The pun really sells it.