Derby entry comments for Derby #394: The Alphabet

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Pop culture alphabet from the 80s. Can you name them all? Some are pretty obscure…

They never give you enough letters.

VBG = very big grin, for those who don’t remember.

This is a revision of an earlier design. Hope you like. :slight_smile:

I hope this fits with the theme. It does include all of the letters and the military lingo for them, but it is not a letter-for-letter design.

See if you can figure each one out…I’ll post each joke later in a few days!

Woah. I had this EXACT idea – quick brown fox headline on a newspaper with a bunch of other related articles! Thankfully, I didn’t do it. Yours came out great!

Click here for a larger view:


Ha, great minds think alike! :slight_smile:

Hey, we have 3 letters in common!

I tried to follow the real rules as much as possible (e.g. only so many Cs and Hs, etc). Are these words allowed when you play at your house?

Looks like you’ve got too many colors goin’ on here

A shirt for the cat hoarder in your life.

Five plus halftones. (Not at the right computer to post swatches right now).

Clever. There’s a few I didn’t know…

:slight_smile: Is the fine print “Lorem Ipsum…”?

OMG, this isn’t even a joke.

I lol’d!

Here are the letters :slight_smile:

Aztec tomb, Banana stand, Cornballer, Dorothy, Wink Eye, Forget Me Nows, Gob, Steve Holt, Ice: Bounty Hunter, Jean Shorts, Hiding Keys, Loose Seal, Mr. F, No Touching, Ostrich, Franklin the Puppet, Queen Mary, Risky, Staircar, The man inside me, Uncle Oscar, Ann Veal, Tony Wonder, Lindsey xeroxing her volvo, You always leave a note, Buster skipping his nap