Derby entry comments for Derby #398: Three Colors on White

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Merry Christmas,

  • Spiritgreen

This year is the 10th anniversary of LOST. I celebrated by watching all 6 seasons again in 2 weeks. That’s normal, right?

And Cats. :slight_smile:

Wear gloves when reaching into the bottom drawers.

Made the mistake of working on my designs this weekend with cable news in the background. Just couldn’t do something silly…

Did an overhaul of an old design I really liked and changed it to three colors.

Fine print:

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the poet is a warrior.

Learning to draw is learning to see.

I did an hour of research on color theory before designing this one. It’s for designers I suppose.

It made me giggle :slight_smile:

great illustration

You probably spent way too much time on this! Beautiful!

Wow, this is what the derby is about. Great design. Hope to see more of your designs in the future.

Very cool, Kevlar!

Ah, clever! Really nice illustration too. :^)

Wow! Gorgeous!

Sure, it’ll work as long as everyone remembers to put their elements back where they found them.

I love binder paper t-shirts!