Derby entry comments for Derby #40: Motherhood

Grrooose. Love the makeup though.

sorry dude, i’ll try to stick with cute cuddly animals that the weirdest adults in this country flock to shirt woot for.

Im not saying my design is great at all but dont make comments like that just because i dont conform to ‘kids-r-us’ shirts that usually win this competition.

Your photoshop file should be one single file that has one layer for each color of ink. For example, if you have black ink on your shirt then there should be a layer that has only the black parts of your design on it. The background layer should be your shirt color and have nothing else on that layer. The design should start out large enough to print when you draw it, otherwise it will look horrible if you scale it up (unless it’s a vector design).

I wonder what would Mr. Freud say

Ooh, great idea but than the men may not vote. Have love the purples on darks since mahalis (sorry if misspelled) fireweed design. This doesn’t hit you over the head with momness which is great for us moms not wearing mom jeans.

this shirt is awesome, i really like the idea and hope it wins. took me a while to figure out “mother aliens”

hey cool! thanks so much for your help. im pretty sure i got it now. i appreciate it.

oh, and another thing…do you truly not have anything better to do then to go through the derby submissions make A hole comments about the ones that you dont like? All i ever see next to your name is insults and complaints. have you ever heard of, ‘if you dont have something nice to say, then dont say anything?’ And im sure i’ll get probation for saying this stuff because im insulting one the few with immunity on this site, but i dont care. It needs to be said and if shirt woot doesnt want to hear it well thats a shame that they preach fairness and being nice to each other and then dont do anything about it

Love it! Absolutely beautiful.
Hope it wins. =]

You’re welcome.

You are brilliant. You can stay.

Thanks Suzy! That’s a very nice thing to say. The cubist one is losing ground. I thought it might be too much for the derby. I’m still going to stay optimistic though. I’d love to see it go over well with the voters.

I’m betting Hige=huge

You do kitties well, I think my mom, cat lover and mother of five would love this shirt. Thanks for making me think of others tonight and no I’m not talking about my mama.

And I thought it would go the other way, so it just goes to show that I should not be a mindreader.

Thank you!

Cute but twisted, great job as usual.

Adder does not have immunity. He just returned from probation.

I’m so glad you like it, and your mom would like it. Wow… another family of five? Guess there are more of us around than I had thought.

I’m also glad to get people to spend some time thinking of others. I have no idea whether this shirt will make it to printing but I’d really like the chance to send a big wad of cash out to a cancer charity. Hopefully just my mentioning it will get a lot of donations flowing from people who care. Thanks so much for your support. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Virginia Tech’ers!