Derby entry comments for Derby #40: Motherhood


I doubt the profit motive was seriously part of the equation.

The cookies look different, and on TV they are friends vs. relatives (at least in the commercial I saw). Besides, when I first saw Edgar’s drawing, I thought they were potatoes.

My hubby can relate to this shirt, maybe I should switch to decaf. I like the resub, it was great idea then and its a great idea now. More so because its a “mom” bear. Obviously there are many out there who feel this shirt have been printed the first time. Good luck tgentry.

I personally wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think your kittens would show up that well.
Besides, we need red shirts to go to college football and basketball games, and the kittens wouldn’t enjoy all the noise.

cool, the paw looks a lot better with the details now! though i think less wrinkles on the face would be better…but still, nice additions.

though, i think people would rather have the original version…you should resubmit it if there’s a father’s day derby!

i have 11 votes…im nowhere near the top so why are people making their way to the bottom of the list to make mean comments. All i ask is that if someone doesnt have something nice to say or even constructive criticism, then dont say it. I have received probation numerous times on this site and it’s always been when i was defending myself. I just got off 256 hours of probation for defending myself against something else Adder said. I just want to be left alone by those who only care to open their mouths to say something mean

Nifty. shirt color ties in nice with theme. I’m on board.

Angler fish boss - legend of zelda: link’s awakening


I don’t understand this, but thank you for the red shirt.

There isn’t a college football team called the kittens? :slight_smile:

What teams do you follow? Maybe I’ll make a red shirt for you next derby if it’s something mythological. :slight_smile:

One of my first photoshop attempts…a special Mothers’ Day message :].

I love it! If it gets to the fog, I will stay up just to make sure I get one.


Man, why do you have to be so polite? Can’t people start arguing about something so I can get more votes? :wink:

Did your mother always say this?
Otherwise, not sure how this is related to this week’s theme.

Nice work anyway…

Nice work anyway…

Heeeheh… uhm…Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries? :slight_smile:

Sorry, guess I’m not too good at being mean. Maybe someone will come along and start hating both our shirts so that we can both get more votes. :slight_smile:

awww… I’m a spinster, so I love cats. I’m a daughter, so I love moms. Bless your heart for donating your (hopeful) proceeds.

cute all around.

My mother is gone (lung cancer) and I would love to wear this in her memory. My cats and I vote for this one.