Derby entry comments for Derby #400: Inactivity

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I’d love to start an exercise program but I’d hate to ruin my perfect safety record.

My motto!

Just do it later. Everybody else does.

It seems I was too lazy to even draw lines for this one.

I’ll procrastinate right after I’m done with all this procrastinating.

The moon DOES seem a bit high to try to jump…

Some people just want to watch As the World Burns.

Procrastinate Today! :slight_smile:

Sometimes taking a day off requires a lot of work! :slight_smile:

The yeti. King of hibernation. Always hidden away from human eyes, cosy for the winter.

  • Spiritgreen

Inspired by my cat Leonard (Nimoy) who likes to sleep on charging phones. Hope you like it! :smiley:

…and me.

At least they are clean!


Real Life!

Nice to finally see this guy. Came out great!

Love the scratchy style paired with a homely feel. :smiley: +1

Is there a reason for the spelling of league?

Cutest potato ever-