Derby entry comments for Derby #401: Lemon Tees


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Retro. :slight_smile:


So I was going to draw just one Chuck stripe but then I realized it looks like Homer Simpson’s head so here is a less “doh!” version. Charlie Brown is all business.


Hanging out around the watering hole.


Han Neko! Never tell him the odds.

:smiley: Hope you dig it!


The location where you should hold your next Lemon Party.


It’s what keeps me going…


Candy’s WAY better than lemons.


I submitted these beetnicks before and they didn’t do so well, but I really like them, so I thought I’d try one more time…


and cotton candy and balloons too!


He’s doing it for the power pellets.


They call me Mellow Gourmet (quite rightly).


My tamagotchi was yellow…


Those are some cool cats down in Beatsville. LoVE the snapping fingers! Vote. :slight_smile:


As happy as a mouse in cheese! Sounds better than being as happy as a pig in slop. Don’t you think?


Love it! You’re a good artist Fishy Brown!


This is fun! +1 Clever idea.


Heh- Love the CHEESE SHIRT- and the mouse is super cute- I can totally see my daughter in this. +1


Smooth like honey- +1


Cool, but it’s a little hard to read. The Rs look like As.