Derby entry comments for Derby #403: Eggplant

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Now with 100% more halftones!

<3 eggplant!

Even when it appears the world is ending, there’s always a bit of hope…

A reworked favorite collab with ignorant.

This was an old favorite of mine from the last purple derby- I redrew EVERY DRAGON and the fire around it to make it look a bit sharper- Hope that is enough for a resub- If not- No harm, no foul… :smiley:

“A trader from Qarth once told me that dragons came from the moon,” blond Doreah said as she warmed a towel over the fire. Jhiqui and Irri were of an age with Dany, Dothraki girls taken as slaves when Drogo destroyed their father’s khalasar. Doreah was older, almost twenty. Magister Illyrio had found her in a pleasure house in Lys.
Silvery-wet hair tumbled across her eyes as Dany turned her head, curious. “The moon?”
“He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi,” the Lysene girl said. “Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day the other moon will kiss the sun too, and then it will crack and the dragons will return.”

I wanted to make a GOT shirt that also stands on its own without need of the reference- I hope you (still) dig it-

Glad you redid this one on this color looks great.

Well it’s true…

I love the Oopma Loompa!

Reminds me of being a kid in the 80s… and now I want a Happy Meal.

Trying this oldie but goodie, colored for a purple shirt.

love it :slight_smile:

I love the trails coming off the dragons’ wings. Nice touch!

Thanks! Can’t go wrong with purple AA and cats, I always say. :smiley:


Fly little birdie. Fly****

This made me laugh

Looks great!

Zounds, that banana’s butt is adorable!

Let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

I love this, but I think it would be better as a resub on normal shirt colors, ones that would match the classic ghosts of red, orange, pink, and cyan. That being said, my husband would wear one in ANY color, he loves Pacman so much.