Derby entry comments for Derby #403: Eggplant

This actually happened in my fridge last night. Except it was a whole carton of eggs picking on an eggplant in a bag :slight_smile:

What’s with all the resubs?

I thought they were only allowed for different products, not T-shirts?



Reflected resub:

Thanks! Yeah, the origin of the idea was using the purple gameboard background, but later developed into a giant ghost instead. It would be cool if this was offered in multiple color options. :slight_smile:

The big difference here is the halftone shading. I couldn’t figure it out last time. This time, I did and it looks much better.

(I also removed the faux exterior button and button hole.)

Loved this one first go 'round and like it even more on purple!

Image looks great on purple!

Icha, dude (or dudette, as the case may be), this is a side sale derby - not a main page derby. It’s for stuff that maybe didn’t make the cut for $1000 and front page billing; it’s an ideal place for resubs. Relax.

This is pure gold.

Yup- Purple amplified the awesome x500… :smiley:

Ah- Sue… the lesser know Pac Ghost- I’d wear this!

Really fun design- I’m surprised it didn’t print the first time. That being said (I hate people who say that…), I really prefer it on purple.

Poor guy- +1


WHen I was in highschool, and used to wear a trench coat all the time and had SUPER long hair, the combination of those two things would make my hair’s shadow lineup and transition into my shoulders and expand outward to the end of my trenchcoat to the point where it no longer looked human but instead looked EXACTLY like the shadow of GRIMACE-

Alls I needs now is a grimace shirt to complete the ensemble. :smiley:

Love this little guy- All he needs is SPACE and it would fit in with my other favorites of yours… :wink:

This has an interesting etched quality and conjures dream catcher imagery in muh brain- Really solid!

Did you make this for my wife? :wink: