Derby entry comments for Derby #405: Travel Totes

This is really well done.

For those who don’t get the reference, it’s from the best movie of all time, Shawshank Redemption.


And yes, Zihuatanejo is a real place in Mexico, even though Shawshank doesn’t exist.

Thanks, guys! I was pretty pleased with the idea when I had it. Haha.

It’s wild how recognizable he is- Nice one! :smiley:

Very cool, and really well done!

I really like this- It makes me smile.


Those chickens, perfect boating companions

awesome !

I think I just saw that episode too, nice!

Makes me want to steal a street sign for my room, great job!

That was one of my first questions, was that a real place? haha +1!

Don’t forget your Swiss Army Tote on your next trip. It’s got everything you will need.

How perfect is this? Incredibly clever, nice work!

Well, crud. Because I have a friend who absolutely loves dinosaurs, I am both morally obligated to vote for and share this with her. -:stuck_out_tongue:

From a technical stand-point, by the way: I love how you colored the skin on the Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s got a beautiful sense of shimmer and sleekness to it.

Red Warrior needs bag badly…

Gosh darn you and your beautiful, sketchy aesthetic. Love that orange on the natural color, too. -:]

Out of curiosity, is there also a “carp” in the bag? -;] I’d be disappointed now if there wasn’t; I’m already imagining him tucked into a cozy little interior pocket.


aaaw, so cute!

Great job. I like old timey style of course.