Derby entry comments for Derby #405: Travel Totes

Smart and funny and clean- or as I call that- Bootsesque-

OHFORTHELOVEOF … I feel so dumb. It’s been too long since I’ve seen that movie, apparently. I was about to comment and ask for an explanation before it finally clicked. -_-;; Argh~, now I love it. If this prints, I may need to get it for my father; he does a ton of traveling for work and is a fan of that movie. -:]

This reminds me: have you ever seen this little comic theory that companion cubes are actually filled with dead and/or live people? That’s what this instantly reminded me of. -:stuck_out_tongue:

Really love the design. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t get more votes.

Thanks! :smiley:

I haven’t seen that comic before, but now the design works on a few different levels! LOL!

Aw, thanks! This is from the movie Airplane, in case I made it too vague. :slight_smile:

Hehe, hoped you’d like it:)

Yup, this is perfect. I smell a win!

Ah, late as usual. Hope you enjoy these travel stamps from my next few vacations. :slight_smile:

My condolences on the rejection. I think it’s perfect for the theme.

This would make an excellent set of old school travel stickers also.



Would have to be dead people, wouldn’t it?

After all, it’s carrion…

This is genius! I really love the style, too. It oughta be rejectionator safe, right?

I just think this would be a great bag. Thanks for the votes!!

Awesome design! My wife would love this…

brilliant design of typography. +1 from me!

That is some class A reflective lettering. Awesome job!

Aww… Isn’t that precious?

Thanks y’all!

Haha! Yes, but unlike Jurassic Park, in Jurassic Circus, some of the dinosaurs have feathers- in the form of a headdress :stuck_out_tongue:

oooooOOhh yesssss!!