Derby entry comments for Derby #406: Rebel Rebel

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Description: Five inks colors on silver. As a bonafide gaming “rebel”, I once played Twilight Princess for sixteen hours straight with barely a pause. I think there was a water dungeon in there somewhere. It was shameful. And amazing.

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I shot first. End of debate.

Or u could call them dust bunnies too I suppose :>


It would not be a Bowie reference without a star and since starfish change genders…kind of perfect. Hope you like it!

My very favorite rebel!

I’m all about that base, 'bout that base, no rebels.

Old school rebelion action up in here!

I’m crazy rebellious!

Wait one hour? Not me…

Louise- Junior Anarchist- Hope you like it!

I totally run with scissors.

Rebel leader of D.A.

Since this shirt IS about a prison break, it seemed appropriate to rework the tote design for a shirt, which meant much nicer halftones to work with.

Hope you like it!

It seems like everyone is gluten-free but me.

My favorite rebel!

As I was doing my idea generation, I kept coming across striking imagery from modern “rebellion” movements, so I went for something a little more serious, though I know that doesn’t always do well on Woot.

I love it!

Sticking it to the man.