Derby entry comments for Derby #409: Mugs

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And that’s how you make caffeine.

  • Spiritgreen

Stop them! My marshmallows are escaping from my cocoa!!

All drinks guaranteed a minimum increase of 75%.
No refunds.

Description: Let’s not forget that the hero is not the drink itself. The hero is the honorable bean who defied the morning daze and sacrified himself for the sake of the brew. Godspeed, you brave warrior. Godspeed. Five colors on a yellow mug.

Full-Size Version (Click):
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Description: Quench your thirst with more than mere water. Three colors on a black mug.

Don’t get between me and my coffee in the morning.

It could save your life!

Lovely illustration!

For the literary romantic.

Waka Waka Wake-Up


For those lonely times… you have a friend.

Disclaimer: Manufacturer makes no guarantee that liquid consumed from this mug will grant immortality or the superhuman ability to survive a nuclear explosion and tell everyone it was because you jumped inside a lead-lined refrigerator.

We named the dog Indiana.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Float on man…

Wake up with this bright morning mug to get your creative juices flowing.

Yeah, it’s a tribute. The real one broke:(

I like this and am giving you a vote. Only thing I would say is the I and N look too much like an M.
Too easy to read as “Begm”

Similar mugs exist:

And many, many more

Also, it’s nearly identical (including the tag line) to an officially licensed Star Wars mug

Good point! It’s especially tough on the dimensional mug mockup!