Derby entry comments for Derby #41: Alphabet

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Long ago the noble alphabet dragons roamed the skies over the Land of Education. They spent long, lazy afternoons swooping down from the skies and snatching prey with their pencil-sharp claws. It seemed the reign of these mighty beasts would never come to an end, but one day humans came, and with them the dreaded calculus unicorns, the only creatures known to be able to harm the alphabet dragons. Eventually, nearly all the dragons fell to the infinitesimal points at the end of the unicorns’ horns. Today the great beasts are nearly extinct, but you can help bring them back to prosperity with a donation to the Alphabet Dragon Rescue Fund. Time is running out for these fantastic creatures. Won’t you find it in your hearts to give generously to their cause?

Side note to everyone used to hearing from me in the forums: My week ahead is super tightly packed, so I won’t be able to do much chatting… you probably won’t hear from me most days. I’ll try to drop in when time allows… good luck to everybody!

The names carved into the tree are Rob + Pam = Luv.

This took forever. Each letter was hand drawn and is completely unique. Check out the detail here!

Since some of my dice are obscured in the comp, here is the full 26 for everyone. Larger Detail

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I know so many people I could get this shirt for!

This rocks my world! Brilliant! :smiley: Gorgeous design.

Trademarked logo representation, and the contest specified one use of each letter.

Just a silly picture that popped in my head.
Lotsa little letters attacking a poor pup.

Perhaps it is a lonely cry hearkening back to simpler times when the alphabet song could express our desires so much better than we could…


Monkey Play

“Given an infinite amount of time, a million monkeys on a million typewriters could write Hamlet.”

Frigin amazing.

So funny. Much <3 for this design jimi.

Here’s another view:

The idea here is “letters are the DNA of words” With only 26 letters you can create a language with thousands and thousands of words"

nice work. i have to say, i was seeing all those plain alphabet designs in the forums, and i was thinking, man what a world of suck, but you did it great! nice art. ;j

schweet. i like this one. sometimes your work is so abstract, its difficult for my rigid analytical brain to appreciate, but this really one makes it tingle. i hope you win Edgar, man with few words.

Here’s a link to the huge full size image so you can look closer at the details.


Ohmygosh - the National Library Association would probably KILL for a design like this! Wonderful!