Derby entry comments for Derby #410: Pop Culture Kawaii

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Nothing says pop culture to me like my Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

I’m still in a weird mood. I think Donatello would be a Trekkie though…

The real plot of Episode VII.

The one ring just wants to be held and called precious, is that too much to ask? Is it?!?

Side note: I almost forgot to put the elvish script on it. How lame would that have been?

Run, Tommy, you blockhead!

For lovers of giraffes and super heroes.

Now dance, sticks!

You thought that was the last time you were going to see that mug, uh? :slight_smile:

Hahahah, Tennessee Titans is the autocorrect for LA ME.

6 colors on Royal Blue–thanks!



You’ve got red on you.

A little poke at the woot rejection machine. Love it.

9 classic horror villains…did I miss any?


Here’s a hi-res version for a better look.

And the original 1927 poster:

Where are the zombie butts? :wink: