Derby entry comments for Derby #411: Pie Aprons

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This pie owns it.

I have decided that President Snow loves pies and demands them every day!

And as long as we’re on the subject… I also hear pie is rather flakey.

Just so many kinds to choose from.

Level up with some pie.

Don’t shoot me… thought I’d try something cute!


That episode was so satisfying.

I love angry pie.

An accurate representation of my apron wearing schedule. That’s really just because I don’t usually clean up after myself though.

It has that nice tart flavor.

An eye patch and a wooden leg, Ha!

Making things from scratch sounds hard…

(Reworked from old shirt submission, better text and to give credit to Carl Sagan)

I tried pepperoni on my apple pie, it was awful.

For the hipster in us all…jk

Great minds think alike!

I think once or twice a few cogent words fell out of mine. Thanks for looking!

I like the design, but I don’t think Maroon was one of the color options given :frowning: Quick, quick, change it!

lol… oh yeah, thanks for the suggestion. :wink:

Indeed! :smiley: