Derby entry comments for Derby #412: Pi

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“Count To Pi”

Description: “Octo-pi!” So obvious, right? But, on it’s own, it’s not cute enough. So, enter the “Cutie-Patootie” version. It doesn’t have to make sense! IT’S IRRATIONAL! Four colors on a baby blue shirt.

Full-Size Version (Click):
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3 colors on Navy–thanks!

Pi has been a lie!

A peaceful 492 digits of Pi:


Actually, I guess, it’s not so peaceful there in the middle. They’re rumbling a little, but they’re all still there.

I did not actually compute the value of pi myself.
Instead, I went to, where they have computed the value of pie to one million digits.
However, I did not use all one million digits, as that would have required a shirt so large that Shirt.Woot would have to charge substantially more than usual.

If anything goes wrong, PI will be my constant.

Pretty freakin’ brilliant, malo!


The true origin of Pi.

I tried to go to a million places, but it was pretty much unreadable.

Fighting for life in a sea of irrationality

Unless, of course, being irrational isn’t cool…

Pi. In the sky. Two colors on Royal.

Pi is the Mathematical Symbol of the World!

Hope you like it!

I wanted to do something “Life of Pi” related, but couldn’t figure out how I wanted to make it work. I think this captures the idea brilliantly!

I speak fluent Pi.

Pi Day this year is like extreme Pi Day!! The date, 3.1415 is represented by the first 5 digits of pi. 9 am being the next digit. Extreme Pi hour! Minutes…seconds…Oh, and it’s Einstein’s birthday…HapPI Birthday, Alllbert! Hope you like it.

Cthulhu dreams of pi…