Derby entry comments for Derby #414: We are the Champions

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This is my kind of marathon.

Description: Celebrate the superior dawdler in you. You are the ruler of tomorrow’s tomorrow and beyond! Two colors on a silver t-shirt.

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Making this design was only logical!

“You gotta win to get love.” - Ricky Bobby

Chewie finally gets his medal.

You can’t do a Mario design with the M on the hat. It’ll get rejected.

Actually…most of the scientists I know are underpaid or don’t get recognition for their work…so this shirt is to cheer them up a little bit!:smiley:

I have a vast collection of Trivial Pursuit pie pieces. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to keep them?

4th place lost by a hare.

My exact thought process:

“Yay, Cool Runnings! Yay, Jamaican bobsled team! Yay, John Candy! … Aw, John Candy. -:[”

+1, anyway, for the awesome design! -:]

We are the Champions…

Hah! I thought about doing this, but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I like the direction you took. -:stuck_out_tongue: Wonderbread, FTW.

What a World!

Oh, cool. I would love to see a close-up of this. The stitching effect is really nice, although it kind of makes me wish it was ACTUALLY embroidered. -:] I would love a sweet, little embroidered patch with that Cheshire cat on it. <3!

OH, DUDE! I JUST saw the hedgehog while I was typing! Adorable detail! -xD

Genius! Great job! Wonderful characters and coloring!!

What a cool design!

Thanks. Looks like I wasn’t the only one, though…

So good!

This is so beautifully done! Fantastic concept too, love it!