Derby entry comments for Derby #417: Speed Derby - Shirt Mashups

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Description: THE CAKE IS AN EVEN WORSE LIE THAN BEFORE. A seriously-simple Photoshopped mash-up of “Life Choices” by nblottie and “The Pipe” by Naolito. Thanks to both artists for lending their stellar work to my little joke.

A jelly filled ode to Shhhhhhh, Donut Panic, and murder. Tasty, tasty, murder.


Raisins? It’s a trap!

(reply to thumperchick)

This is a merge between “The Binge” by TJost and “Motivation” by Walmazan.

Hope you guys like it!

This is a mashup of Swim, Little Nessie, and Oh BURNED!!!


You make for me?

Mashed up two shirts by two of my favorite artists: “The Time is Meow” by Rasabi with “Team Left Shark” by Fishbiscuit5

Filthy mouth and bad attitude. Combination of “Fresh Cake” by walmazan and “The Curser” by Roni Lagin.

Good Work Kalee!

I should have put “lack of spinkles” or “sugar”, oh well.

Tried but couldn’t get into vote. Not liking this at all.

Thanks! There were very few entries, but I’m still gonna call it a success that my first derby entry ever got into the fog!