Derby entry comments for Derby #418: Fake Band Tees

Feeling a bit nostalgic today.

‘Pint of Qat’ was the self-proclaimed oldest (and only) Irish band in Yemen, formed in 1990 upon the unification of the country. They mainly played around the capital, Sana’a, and often had tens of people come to their shows. Their efforts came to an end late in 2014 when the rebel group known as the Houthies stormed Sana’a, forcing the band to flee south and reform in Aden as the Dropkick Houthies in protest.

Yes! Awesome. Love the colours on this one!

This is sweet. Although I’ll admit most of MY rage is directed at the piles of laundry that still have to be put away. :slight_smile:

There have to be some good lyrics for this.

Funny and super nice textures and details in there.

This band is dead but will always be alive in our memories.

Friends Forever!

I love your dinosaur designs! I’m glad you went with the color version!:smiley:

That…that is beautiful.

Based on the iconic YES logo.


I’m running a little behind, but I hope you like my shirt! Watch out for flying mashed potatoes!

You know you sing along every time WARP ZONE LOVE SONG comes on… :wink:

Hope you like it- Based on STP’s purple…


I like it! I miss floppies…

Yes, yes, yes!


Solid! Great colors!