Derby entry comments for Derby #419: Shipping Bags

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Loard of the interwebz! Hypnocat is delighted with your purrchase!

I prefer my woot shirts delivered by balloons.

All of this is actually going on every time you visit the ocean. Isn’t nature amazing?!

Perfect for packaging, lounging, and medieval fights for Scottish independence.

People who look at this derby will think they are colour blind

“One random pop thing”, like my friend Oakenspirit said :slight_smile:

Until Amazon starts using drones, then your balloons are doomed, lol

Very nice use of perspective. Love the muffin detail.

Make it brighter !

They might get here faster. This “Fedex is afraid of snow and your package might be delayed” stuff is annoying!

Really pretty! Nicely done K!

Those are happy balloons :smiley:

Love all the details. Gold fish bowl, very cute.

Do you draw for Cyanide and Happiness too? Looks a lot like their style.

Hope you like my silly robot bag- :smiley:

No I just saw this style and thought it would be clean, simple, but hopefully effective.

Is the lighting a subtle reference to a certain bird shirt site? hahaha

Now you have to tell us, is there an actual cat room en la Casa de Almazan?

Walmazan, master of puns :slight_smile: