Derby entry comments for Derby #421: Sandwich Aprons

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If you’re grilling it right, an apron is a good idea.

  • Spiritgreen

I like sammiches.

BLT as in Bruce, Loki and Thor :slight_smile:

Halftones detail:

With many thanks to JulesVern97, I reworked our previous collaboration for an Apron.

Mostly harmless… but can stand alone too.


Clever, I think having his mustache where the horizontal bars are would have been better.

I loved this idea, so I thought I’d give it a second shot- Hope you like it. :smiley:


Super good!

Ha! Love the gif- Awesome work buddy. Rage Sammich!

I’d feel bad about eating that cute guy, if only he didn’t taste so good! Bowl of tomato soup on the side- Perfect moments.

It’s always been pb&j since forever of time, but all of a sudden this came along… hazelnut spread! dun dun dun…

Ha! great idea!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the inspiration for this design (from LDV),folio_30v-_Toothed_Gears_and_Hygrometer,_study.jpg

So, hopefully everyone wants a slightly unsettling pig-faced ham on their apron…

Just for funsies. Thanks for looking!

You might want to spell check and resubmit…

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Thanks to everyone who has voted so far :slight_smile: