Derby entry comments for Derby #421: Sandwich Aprons

but “yourelf” makes for an interesting image

i read that as “mostly hamless.”

I love it! HULK SNACK!!!

It’s totally cool but why are the words backwards

I love this design.

I showed it to my office-mate, who commented that it looks really phallic - especially from a distance.

And now I can’t un-see it. :frowning:

Haha, I love this.

hahahaha, gross! :smiley:

Maybe for Dobby.

If I had to guess, it was because the artwork the picture is based off of was done by a person who used “code” to hide his work with reverse lettering.

It is a parody of a Da Vinci drawing, and most of LDV’s notes were written backwards. (see the photo above)

Thank you.

Ha! Yes - this :slight_smile:

Super cute. Well done.

that’s really good.


Zounds! I just noticed that my comp was missing a layer! Here’s what the thing is supposed to look like… difference is in the meat, toward the left.

I can’t look at it and NOT hear the theme song in my head.

Don’t be a Dumas. Wear this apron when you make sandwiches–however many sandwiches that might be.


Here’s a big ol’ view of the design.

Love it!

That’s some sammich you got there…