Derby entry comments for Derby #422: Pizza

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Oops - that should have been “Don’t Blame Me” :slight_smile:

pizza. cat. my finest work to date.

perhaps of all time.

“Your Choice Of Toppings”

The only martial arts I know

It’s divine geometry!

Why yes, I DO want a piece of you.

Really clever, I love it!

This is a character I draw for my daughter all the time, named Pizza Man, for reasons that should be obvious.

the halftone preview is kinda dirty at that resolution so here is a detail

and reference in case someone is not familiar with cappiello’s work

I think the shirt would be better served by having that “Why is my butt warm?” comment on it than the other one. But it does look nice anyways, so whatever.

Very cool concept :slight_smile:

HA! This for the win.

Very clever indeed


i like it. it’s clean and simple and dirty

What’s up with you people and cats in pizza boxes, hahaha, very cute Wences.

The “x”, lol

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

cats are as…

hehe, party is over