Derby entry comments for Derby #426: Landscapes and Cityscapes

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A long time ago, on a storage cloud far, far away…

This is what the landscape looks like around here.

This is pretty cool.

very cool

This is Great!

The people of Westeros are just really misunderstood. They are really very nice and totally won’t try to kill you if you visit.

You can simply walk into Mordor. Ask your travel agent today!

“The Brain—is wider than the Sky—”
Emily Dickinson

Thanx Man!

Nice!! +1

I imagine this is what the inside of the maze looks like to Pac Man.


This is so pretty and cute!

I think I would move house before he woke up!

Thanks man!

Was watching Howl’s Moving Castle last night with my daughter and was moved to make it- Hope you like it too!

hahaha love it!!!

I’m dying to get there. Get it?

Land of the Rising Sun

Every day, when there is a break in the clouds, we see a vast landscape we will never get to visit. And it keeps us warm :slight_smile: