Derby entry comments for Derby #427: Northeast States

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…and water ice and scrapple and Tastykakes and shoofly pie and Hershey’s chocolate and Wawa coffee… I’m never leaving this place!

Reworked this oldie!

Whoops - entry title should have been “One State, Under Indictment” - it’s right on the shirt, though (which is what matters!)

My absolute favorite state… <3 -even though it can be occasionally pretentious.

Hope you like it!

I miss Wawa coffee so much :frowning:

True story here- :smiley: Love it!

It even LOOKS like a big middle finger!

Looking at the fact that you’ve called out 11 northeastern states, and you’re hoping to get a shirt for every state for the big “patriotic event in summer”, wouldn’t that mean more than the “fog of war” will have to get printed?

Dont forget about Gardners Candies!

Great minds think alike.

That’s what keeps me going back to Ocean City! … wait…

Hamster Shire! I love this!



MMMmmmmm… Scrapple!

So luxurious!

Just a silly idea, but I had to rep! Massachusetts in the HOUUUSE!

Hahaha very cool.

Don’t forget about the chuds! This is really awesome, dude!