Derby entry comments for Derby #427: Northeast States

hahaha! Super funny

Very awesome work on the 'gator!

Gotta have it!!

Aw, Queens isn’t boring.

HAHAHA! Oh man! That’s true! I did a google search last night to make sure it hadn’t been done over and over before. I like that design though!

Just ask Favorite Nutmegger Daughter, Martha Stewart: Connecticut Yankees can be a little uptight.

Why deny it any more?

Instead, celebrate it on your license plate.

It is!! And I’m here!

this is my first shirt i dough it will be a winner but i tryed and i will be makeing more probibly better quality shirts next time

This is a dream come true for hockey fans who live in the “city of no illusions”.

Am I the only one who thinks NJ is shaped like a peanut? Must be, since no one has done anything on it.

Absolutely love this!

We’ll also ask you for tolls and encourage you to enjoy the tax free shopping.

If it wasn’t for the toll you might not even know you passed through…even with it you might not notice.

Thank you!

Or Pray?

I figured everyone loves pancakes. But what makes them tick? Figuratively, of course; I’m talking about maple syrup. Try not to eat pancakes that are actually ticking.

This is awesome. Thank you for representing the 51st state. Home of hockey, syrup, and real free healthcare :wink:

Late entry. Vote if you love lobster :smiley:

You have to admit, it IS the first thing that comes to mind.

Smallest state, but the longest official name. Rhode Island has much to be proud of.

Cool shirt, technically not true since Salem now has a super high Pagan and Wiccan population. :stuck_out_tongue: