Derby entry comments for Derby #428: Minimalism

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And a slice of cherry pie.

Try our new family-style bleu cheese burger with pearl onions, crinkle fries in the burger, and baby mushrooms all on a sprouted poppy seed bun.

Yes please! :smiley:


I do not think I know what that word means…

Heroes in 2D, Turtle Power!

I’m so ready for the X-Files return.

Inspired by a trip to Tanzania.

Poor guy.

Be your own star !★ ★ ★ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: D:

Season 5 starts soon!

Hell yeah!

That coffee sure costs a latte.

My favorite healthcare provider.

“Cat Nap”

Typography! This worked way better then I expected when I thought of the idea. =^._.^=

Biology and harsh life lessons distilled down to basic shapes.


Just some colors.

5 colors to rule them all…