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“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” --Buddha

I realize that this design probably won’t do well. I know that the Woot audience is generally looking for more fun and frivolous things on a shirt. One of the first things I thought of, though, when I found out the derby topic was “slogans” was this little bit of philosophy quoted above. I think this might be the bit of advice I’d most like to share with the world, and having it on a thousand T-shirts couldn’t hurt in spreading the message.

There are so many folks out there whose lives are dictated by the screaming, bellowing, frightened monkey-in-the-brain that is anger… either as slaves to it or as victims of another person’s rage. I used to let it have a lot of power over me as well, back in the day. It’s so easy to give in to it, as Yoda pontificated once. It brings you a rush of power that’s hard to deny… gives you strength in an argument. It can be very much justified and thus make you feel righteous in doing whatever you want while releasing your wrath. But that’s where it gets you… it obfuscates reason, clouds fairness and leads you to do things that, when you get a chance to cool off later, you occasionally regret. Sometimes for the rest of your life.

So, yeah, I know… lots of you are saying there’s no way this shirt can win when up against pithy catchphrases, absurd puns, and wacky meme references. I’m okay with that. Just thought I’d put up a slogan that means something to me. I’ll do my best to get back into the Woot mindset for next derby. Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to think.


I hope you like this slogan shirt… and if you don’t, you’re probably just out to get me anyway!


It’s slow-going already =(


“I am not a spy.” Makes you stop and look to read, and if a spy happens to be wearing it, well…butterfly knife to the neck?


It’s the truth!


I did this in honor of my newborn son who was born LOUD. Also was thinking Loud and Proud. Proud to be an American. SO i did it in red white and blue.


Pretty much my current catchphrase.

In fact, this shirt is dedicated to all the guys here at work that make fun of my tween catchphrases and txt talk. Whatev, jerks.


I used a homemade font (liberal use of the word “font,” more of hand painted letters and some copy/paste moves) for legal purposes.

On a personal note, I promise I’m not just drinking hater-ade, this was perhaps my favorite show until about an hour after the season 1 when it dawned on me that what I had just watched was disappointing. (Same sort of heartbreak after Mr. Binks and baby Anakin ruined Episode 1) Say la Vee


I know it’s simple, but that’s kind of the point. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Inspired by Einstein’s famous quote (and Stephen Hawkings later rebuttal) that:

“I am convinced that He does not throw dice.”

Turns out Einstein wasn’t aware of what a huge D&D fan The Big Fella actually is…


They’ve got my vote!


Rallying cry of schizophrenics everywhere.

Quite different from “we’re all mad here”. Two entirely different meanings. It’s like if I put an “e” on the end of mad, and it said “we’re all made here” or “we’re all made in here”. Take the first and it’s a patriotic shirt of questionable origin. Take the second and and it’s about how we’re conceived in the body. All because of one little vowel. A small change can make a big difference. Don’t tell me prepositions don’t count. They have feelings too.


Love the slogan, but the text is too weird-lookin’ for me. Are spies supposed to like flowery, unreadable text or something?


Vote for this and show the people what you’re hungry for!


It’s true, too


Yes. :smiley:

I’m probably going to do another version, but I don’t really care right now.


I had a dream back in my drunken college days that I had a shirt with “mevil” printed on it. In my dream mevil was a contraction of me and evil–not mean and evil as the urban dictionary claims. I always wanted to make that dream come true, but life happens…


For all the artists and art fans out there! Enjoy!


My take on the Varsity t-shirts. In basic text It would have been Pirate Varsity: Sword Fighting, Plundering, & Sailing