Derby entry comments for Derby #431: Midwest States

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All you have to do is close your eyes and tap your heels together three times…

In our defense, it’s a pretty awesome candy too.


Because nothing ever happens in Iowa unless there’s an election involved…

I am a massive fan of Wallace and Gromit. Kudos to you for making a shirt with them on.

The shoes were a nice touch. +1

It’s not called the Windy City for nothing!

In KC, even the pigs love BBQ!

I tried spelling Florida with my arms once, it didn’t work.

haha! Well done! GMV

This is nicely done but mostly are not true. I’ve lived in various parts of Wisconsin for 33 years. Most Wisconsinites name “Drinking Fountain” and “Soda”. I have never heard any of the other ones, except the last two, which are true and funny. :slight_smile:

Based on this law: “In Blue Hill, Nebraska, no female wearing a ‘hat that would scare a timid person’ can be seen eating onions in public.”


Ah, there are my state colors! Nicely done.

haha, such a clever idea. GMV!

Glad you found it funny :smiley:

I know it will be regional (and maybe obscure) in nature, and not really a blanket for all of the state. I have a good friend from there, and the first two items are definitely stuff she would say. They were my inspiration for the concept, and I then flushed it out with other colloquialisms.

Thank you!

This is very funny indeed

Very cool design!

Very clever